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Thunder from the Heavens by Brian Bateman. -

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Thunder from the Heavens by Brian Bateman.

Thunder from the Heavens by Brian Bateman.

t was a time of grueling air combat and continuous sorties facing overwhelming odds. A time of wrecked nerves, fatigue, and the constant reality that the end was near for the men and machines of Hitlers Luftwaffe. Nevertheless, men flew into combat time and time again, defending their solemn oath to fight and die for the Fatherland! Thunder from the Heavens depicts the pilots and machines of JG7, the first operational jet fighter group to be formed after the remotely successful EKDO 262. Flying high above the ruins of the Reich in the beauty of an early evening sky, its hard to realize the enormity of destruction to the scorched earth below. Set in early March, 1945, the painting conveys the beauty of these sleek machines of war, contrasting with the peaceful surrounding of the coming spring evening.
Item Code : DHM1874Thunder from the Heavens by Brian Bateman. - This Edition
PRINTSigned limited edition of 250 prints.

Image size 36 inches x 24 inches (91cm x 61cm)Artist : Brian BatemanFree


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Extra Details : Thunder from the Heavens by Brian Bateman.
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The Aircraft :
Me262The Messerschmitt Me-262 Swallow, a masterpiece of engineering, was the first operational mass-produced jet to see service. Prototype testing of the airframe commenced in 1941 utilizing a piston engine. General Adolf Galland, who was in charge of the German Fighter Forces at that time, pressured both Goring and Hitler to accelerate the Me-262, and stress its use as a fighter to defend Germany from Allied bombers. Hitler, however, envisioned the 262 as the aircraft which might allow him to inflict punishment on Britain. About 1400 Swallows were produced, but fortunately for the Allies, only about 300 saw combat duty. While the original plans for the 262 presumed the use of BMW jet engines, production Swallows were ultimately equipped with Jumo 004B turbojet engines. The wing design of the 262 necessitated the unique triangular hull section of the fuselage, giving the aircraft a shark-like appearance. With an 18 degree swept wing, the 262 was capable of Mach .86. The 262 was totally ineffective in a turning duel with Allied fighters, and was also vulnerable to attack during take off and landings. The landing gear was also suspect, and many 262s were destroyed or damaged due to landing gear failure. Despite its sleek jet-age appearance, the 262 was roughly manufactured, because Germany had lost access to its normal aircraft assembly plants. In spite of these drawbacks the 262 was effective. For example, on April 7, 1945 a force of sixty 262s took on a large force of Allied bombers with escort fighters. Armed with their four nose-mounted cannons, and underwing rockets the Swallows succeeded in downing or damaging 25 Allied B-17s on that single mission. While it is unlikely that the outcome of the War could have been altered by an earlier introduction or greater production totals for this aircraft, it is clear to many historians that the duration of the War might have been drastically lengthened if the Me-262 had not been too little too late.

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